Dan Gold

Front-end designer & Developer


Daily UI

Interface Design, Concept

A collection of different User Interfaces, which were interpreted from a daily prompt.

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Itinerary Image Slider Flight Search Date Picker

Designer essay: Massimo Vignelli

Interface Design, Front-end, Writing

Website and written piece about the life of influencial designer, Massimo Vignelli.

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Massimo Vignelli Project

Personal Branding

Front-end design, Branding, Development

Refreshed my portfolio, creating a range of brand elements for myself — including a logo, style guide, stationery set, and website.

Portfolio Pattern

Innovate — Tech expo

Interface Design, Branding, Concept

Branding project for a fictional technology event, in which I produced a logo, style guide, promotional materials, and website & app mockups.

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Hi there, I’m Dan, a front-end designer & developer from London.

I enjoy creating digital products, with a keen interest in learning more about Human-centered design and Augmented Reality.

Currently I am pursuing a degree in Interaction Design at the Belfast School of Art, where I’m focusing particularly on UI design and modern web technologies such as ReactJS and WebGL.